About bicapp

Founded in 2018 thanks to ministry of university funding, bicapp represents a high-level research center gathering academics from the psychological and technological areas with a keen interest in wearable and portable technologies, Mobile interaction, UX/UI development, and Mobile user tests.

It has a no-code platform for mobile app development available to its members and students who can easily develop mobile applications for their research.

bicapp: design solutions for research and businesses

bicapp designs solutions for research and businesses, utilizing the User-Centred Design principles and psychological knowledges on factors deriving from adopting cutting edge technology.

Given this impetus, the bicapp Research Center arises from the shared vision of creating innovative tools to promote psychological research in the development and design of new mobile and wearable technologies. We are psychologists, technologists, researchers and students. We are professionals aware of the benefits that mobile technologies can bring to people’s lives. We love solving problems, taking user needs and technology capabilities into account.