The infrastructure of bicapp

The bicapp comprises two laboratories, enclosed in a total available space of 60m2. The Centre is one of the largest in Italy in theoretical and applied research in user experience, marketing, health, behaviour modification and organisational development. The technological equipment includes fixed workstations, mobile devices, Android tablets and wearables. The bicapp also has its innovative platform for app development, which aims to meet the specific needs of social science research. These infrastructures represent a set of tools that make it possible to develop projects and collect data on a wide range of psychological and behavioural variables, all using innovative technological paradigms (e.g., app development and wearables).

No-code platform for app development

In a visual and user-friendly manner, without writing software code, students and researchers can use the platform to develop advanced prototypes of apps to support their research initiatives. As well as allowing the implementation of apps with typical multimedia functions, the tool also allows for the simple integration of more specialised and specific functions (administration of questionnaires, integration with wearable sensors, etc.). The platform is constantly evolving, and project after project, the Centre intends to extend its functionalities to cover an increasingly wide range of needs.

Wearable devices

The bicapp has over 100 wearable devices (Fitbit trackers and smartwatches) to support scientific research initiatives involving the monitoring of physiological and behavioural parameters in ecological contexts. Moreover, it is possible to integrate it into the centre’s experimental apps (for smartphones and smartwatches).

Mobile apps development

bicapp has its own user-friendly platform for the development of mobile applications, which allows students and researchers with few programming skills, but with great ideas to develop prototypes and test their effectiveness.