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Working in collaboration with bicapp and MIBTEC excellence centers, the project proposed by Sarini aims at evaluating the users’ acceptance of digital contact tracking Apps. Digital contact tracing apps have been introduced by Governments as a strategy to limit the diffusion of the Covid19 pandemic.

Digital contact tracking flanks traditional contact tracing performed by human tracers who have to reconstruct by means of interviews all the contacts who an infected person had in the recent past. Italian Government proposed the Immuni App as the only digital contact tracking App. Immuni uses Bluetooth technology to anonymously register all the contacts a person had, so as to notify them if she resulted positive to covid19.

The main goals of the project are first to investigate and predict, using an enrichment of the Technology Acceptance Model, the intention to use Immuni, and secondly to identify factors that could have a stronger impact on the acceptance of this technology.

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