Research and develompent

bicapp Research Projects

bicapp promotes the development of mobile and wearable applications for scientific research. It supports projects in all areas of psychology and the study of human-computer interaction, as well as UX/UI.

bicapp’s research and development areas

  • Development of interactive technologies for health and wellness: apps and wearable technology for wellness.
  • Advanced solutions for training and learning: apps and wearable technology to support learning and training.
  • New tools for work: analysis and development of apps and wearable technology to support work contexts
  • Technologies for marketing: app and wearable technology to support and develop consumer behaviors
  • Basic research related to UX/UI, perception and interaction of portable and wearable devices.

A privileged partner for companies and business

The bicapp is a center of excellence that provides knowledge and technologies to generate research or business solutions centered on human experience with mobile and wearable technologies. It boosts and supports businesses ideas in the field of work, learning, sustainable and healthy behavior, marketing, product design, and health improvement. We contribute to the validation of software and mobile app, as well as wearable devices using scientifically proven and cutting-edge methodologies and instruments.